Saturday, May 30, 2009

My parents gave us tickets to Gatorland (which is an alligator filled park) as a going away present before we left on vacation. My parents took me to Gatorland when I was a little girl. We enjoyed it, but I don't know what was more exciting... seeing the alligators or watching the boys being scared of the alligators! Here's a picture of the boys with a white alligator, it was almost impossible to get the boys to stand in front of the glass. They were so frightened, it was hilarious!
This big guy got a room all to himself, we were told he didn't "get along" with the other alligators! The boardwalk was fun to walk around, all the alligators were out enjoying the rain. It reminded us of the way people line up on the beach to sun bathe.


Kathy said...

The white alligator is my kids' favorite at the Houston Zoo. My kids would love Gatorland! What a neat place!!! Guess we could just cross over into Louisiana and we'd be in our own Gatorland!!! ;) lol...