Disney Quest

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Disney Quest is an indoor interactive adventure and was very cool! We almost skipped it and I am so glad we didn't! We were going to go there for a couple of hours and ended up staying for almost 8 hours! They charge you $35-$40 a person to get in, but once you are in everything is free. I would say it's like a kids version of Dave and Busters except for a few very amazing games/rides. Remember to click the picture for a full screen view (some of these are dark).
My favorite was the Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold. We controlled a virtual pirate ship and destroyed other ships, sea monsters, and fortresses to collect gold. Andrew was our captain, steering and controlling the throttle while we controlled the cannons. Disney Quest is 5 floors and each floor has 2-3 of the speciality amazing rides and then wall to wall arcade type games. One floor had nothing but sport games, another floor had every racing game you can imagine. Guess what floor we spent the most time on.... Justin loves racing cars. We even raced as a family, and I won! Ha!

The boys favorite ride was CyberSpace Mountain. They would design a roller coaster on a computer, then sit in a simulator and "ride" it. The boys spent a good 2 hours building and riding rollercoasters. I think they built and rode 8 total. Justin and I would watch (we had no desire to ride their roller coaster of endless loopy loops and hill drops). You can see the boys in the simulator in the bottom right and their virtual rollercoaster on the top. Of course Abbott loved the Guitar Hero game (he is an expert on our Guitar Hero game at home). He would battle anyone who would take him on... and he won every time! Here is Justin battling Abbott


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