Tomato, Tomatoe

Monday, May 12, 2008

We went to Bungfest last year which is an annual gathering of our high school friends; it was a lot of fun but the old-timer in me noticed the tomatoes! The Knapps had these delicious grape/cherry tomatoes! Patty said they were the “sugar shack” variety and they grew them, so I decided to try it myself!

I researched online and found that “sugar shack” and “sugary” seem to be the sweetest grape/cherry tomato variety. Around the first or second week of April I went over to Heartland nursery and got 2 of each. They were just babies! Probably 6 inches tall at the most and came in Dixie sized cups.

I immediately repotted them into liter sized pots and kept them by our sliding glass backdoor (inside our house but right next to the glass door so they would get lots of sunlight). I watered them almost daily and mixed a little miracle grow into the water once a week. I had every intention of taking pictures of the baby plants but they grew so fast and before I knew it they were as tall as I was! Last week we had to replant them again, this time in the biggest pots I could find! I also added a tomato cage around them because they were starting to lean and fall over.

We are just barely in the 2nd week of May and I already have a few tomatoes coming in (you can see two small green sprouts in this picture), I can’t even believe it! I am starting to think that keeping them indoors sped up their growth because I don’t think it’s normal to have tomatoes in mid May, but what do I know!?

June Update
Here is a picture of the tomato plants on June 15th. They are all starting to ripen and there are literally hundreds of them!

July Update
We have so many tomatoes we can’t eat them all, we have started sharing with neighbors and friends! We have all come to the consensus that the “sugary” variety is much better than the “sugar shack”.