Monday, April 27, 2009

White Castle Sliders

I grew up on White Castle sliders, they are the best! Well, our local White Castle closed many years ago so we have been without until I saw this recipe. I was skeptical at first but these were legendary good! Soooo delicious!! But beware they are greasy (just like White Castle) and you do pay the piper in the end (every bathroom in our house had a queue line). However, I still can't wait to make them again! I swiped this recipe from Donna-FFW (Fire Fighter Wife) blog. Donna's risque humor is hilarious! She entertains me while posting yummy recipes, I love her blog!

1 1/2 pounds hamburger
1 onion, chopped
1 package Lipton onion soup mix
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1/2 cup milk
Sara Lee Classic Dinner Rolls (they're in the bread isle at my supermarket), sliced in half
Optional- Cheese slices

In a large bowl mix (with your hands or a spoon) the hamburger, Lipton onion soup mix, peanut butter, and milk. Spread the meat mixture on a cookie sheet with a lip. Abbott was my helper, he loved spreading the meat out on the pan!

Use a cup or rolling pin to roll over the meat to smooth it out.

Put it in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes. The meat will skrink... Take it out of the oven and put the diced onions all around the edges to flavor the meat. Place back in the oven for about 10 minutes. The onions added more onion flavor than Justin and the boys would have liked so next time I am only putting onions around 1/2 the meat (for my non-onion eaters). Take it out of the oven. If you want onions on your sliders then spoon them onto the meat from the sides. Add your cheese slices... And add the tops of your rolls (the bottom part of the rolls will just sit on the counter). Put it back in the oven for... you guessed it, another 10 minutes! Take it out of the oven, they're done! Slice the meat with a pizza cutter and pick up the slider/top bun with a spatula and set it on the bottom bun.


Kristen said...

I swiped them from Donna too and they were tasty!

Dawn said...

I made these tonight and my family loved them. Donna served milkshakes and I had to go to Dairy Queen and get mine because I couldn't stop thinking about one.

Dee said...

love these!

These are great alternatives to hot dogs or in addition to hot dogs for a kids party or even and adult event.

I will be using them and probably many of your other great creations.

Anonymous said...

Carrie, my boyfriend is a HUGE White Castle fan and he looked at me when I showed him this and said "We have to make these."

Love you!!
Jasmine Faith

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The Queen Of Hearts said...

Hi, is there an alternative to the peanut butter?

Me, Myself And I said...

you can always substitute "sun butter" (sunflower seed)or any other nut butter for peanut butter in recipes.

Anonymous said...

One thing: If you want authentic taste, leave the Heinz Ketchup in the 'fridge.

Buy a bottle of the cheapest, runniest, store-brand catsup you can find.

NOTE: packets of "watered-down, tomato-flavored topping - made with REAL LABORATORY-CREATED chemicals" from your local burger-joint will work too...

Carolyn B said...

These are unbelievably delicious! My husband swears these are the real thing!

Unknown said...

Made these today. Impressed a cabin full of kids and adults. On the list for future gatherings. Used original Hawaiian sweet rolls and made twenty from the recipe.

Unknown said...

Outstanding! So cheap and easy and super delicious!

UC75 said...

hamburger dills??????

UC75 said...

didnt they poke holes in them to cook faster with no flipping

Next Stop Lauderdale said...

What about the signatures White Castle pickle?